Executive Board


Nicolas Fernandez (fernandez.202@osu.edu)

Nicolas is a 5th year senior Electrical Engineering student who is also minoring in Humanitarian Engineering. Nick is from Barrancabermeja, Colombia. He joined SHPE because he wanted to find other students who closely shared his background and aspirations. According to Nick, " SHPE gave me the recourses I needed to develop my college and engineering career professionally and socially, while simultaneously making an impact on the Hispanic community on and off campus. Thanks to SHPE I've found a familia away from home and made life long friendships"

Vice President

Alanis Molina (molina.98@osu.edu)

From Barranquitas, Puerto Rico, Alanis is a second-year student majoring in Integrated & Systems Engineering with a Spanish minor. She joined SHPE to have the same sense of community she had back at home with Latinos that shared similar backgrounds and goals. Furthermore, because of SHPE Alanis wishes to inspire and empower younger Latinx students into STEM careers and to join the organization. Though she has many goals in progress, her main goal at OSU this upcoming year is to step outside her comfort zone and lead SHPE alongside the executive board to new horizons.

Treasurer & Sponsorship Chair (Fall)

Alejandro Nuñez; (nunez.46@osu.edu)

Alejandro is an Industrial Systems Engineering student here at OSU, and he joined SHPE to encourage and inspire students of all age groups to learn more about their possibilities in STEM fields. He also wants to make people more aware of the opportunities that college can offer to younger students and what an organization such as SHPE can do for its members and what the members can do for the future of Engineering.

Treasurer & Sponsorship Chair (Spring)

Victor Gonzalez (gonzalez.646@osu.edu)

Victor is an Electrical and Computer Engineering student here at OSU, and is from Condado de Sayavedra, Mexico State. Victor joined SHPE to contribute to the Hispanic community at the Ohio State University. SHPE has given him a group of people he can relate to - Latinos who are committed to becoming successful engineers. This wonderful group of individuals constantly remind him of the unique heritage he possesses, and how fortunate he is to be here studying at the Ohio State University.


Melissa Holland (holland.428@osu.edu)

This year Melissa will be a Sophomore, pre-major in Industrial Systems Engineering and is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Melissa joined SHPE because she was looking for that Hispanic community away from home. Her mom is Colombian and she didn't want to lose touch of my culture. Melissa also wanted help in engineering professionally and academically. Melissa's goal at OSU is to graduate with a degree in ISE but also to make lasting connections that she can use in the world place but also in her personal life. Our president always focuses on how he wants to create a family at OSU through SHPE and when she graduates she hopes that is what she will have.

Webmaster & Co-Chapter Development Chair (Fall)

Brandon Cruz (cruz.217@osu.edu)

Brandon is a second year Mechanical Engineering student this year, and is from Tallahassee, FLorida. He joined SHPE because he believes he needs a familia, while being an engineer, to support him and always provide helpful advice and coomfort. Brandon's goal while at OSU is to be the best person that he can while always learning new things. Also, he wants to improve SHPE each and every day by using his skills and enthusiasm in order to make it bigger than ever.

Co-Chapter Development Chair (Spring)

Alejandro Gonzalez (gonzalez.638@osu.edu)

Alejandro is a first year studying Mechanical Engineering and is from Mason, Ohio. Alejandro joined SHPE because Latino culture has always been a huge part of his life while growing up. SHPE was an opportunity to join a strong Latino community at OSU and provided him with helpful mentors in both his academic and professional career.

Academic Chair (Fall)

Vanesa Salinas Comuzzi (salinascomuzzi@osu.edu)

Vanesa is a Junior Industrial Systems Engineering student this year from Valley Stream, New York. Vanesa joined SHPE To surround herself with hard working, intelligent students that share the same interests as her. While at OSU, she hopes to experience new things and create new memories with her SHPE familia.

Academic Chair (Spring)

Melina Willis (willis.565@osu.edu)

Melina is first year, pre-major industrial and systems engineer with a minor in Spanish for business, from Sheffield Lake, Ohio. She joined shpe because she wanted to be surrounded by a culture that she is not very connected to and find her place in it. Melina wanted to be able to grow as a person, a student and a professional alongside familia who share her goals and background.

Conference Chair

Estefania Fernandez (fernandez.240@osu.edu)

From Barrancabermeja, Colombia, Estefania is forth year student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She joined SHPE to look for students with her own goals and background. As she became more involved, she realized her passion to give back to the Hispanic community and encourage fellow Latino students towards the path of engineering. She held the Chapter President position during 2016-2017 academic year, and Vice President during 2015-2016.

Graduate Chair

Alex Avendano (alexavnd@gmail.com)

From Carolina, Puerto Rico, Alex is a Pre-Doctoral student with a major in Mechanical Engineering. He joined SHPE to take advantage of opportunities provided by SHPE and also network with other Hispanics in STEM.

Co-Outreach Chair

David Kormos (kormos.11@osu.edu)

David is a 4th year Environmental Engineering student from Long Island, New York. David joined SHPE in his freshman year to meet a group of like-minded and driven people, and this group of people has blossomed into his Ohio State familia. Academically, the workshops and study tables provided by SHPE have helped David become a more well-rounded student as well. Giving back to the Hispanic community has also become a passion of David's thanks to SHPE, which is what inspired him to apply to be outreach chair.

SHPE Ambassador

Diana Ulloa (ulloa.15@osu.edu)

Diana is a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Glen Ellen, Illinois. Diana joined SHPE because of the vibrant people and sense of community that it brings to her college experience. The professional and academic workshops as well as the opportunities presented by the organization have consistently proved helpful in multiple areas of Diana's life!