Executive Board


Estefania Fernandez (fernandez.240@osu.edu)

From Barrancabermeja, Colombia, Estefania is forth year student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a General Business minor. She joined SHPE to look for students with her own goals and background. As she became more involved, she realized her passion to give back to the Hispanic community and encourage fellow Latino students towards the path of engineering.

Vice President

Nicolas Fernandez (fernandez.202@osu.edu)

From Barrancabermeja, Colombia, Nicolas is third year student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Humanitarian Engineering minor. He joined SHPE because he missed having people he could closely relate to since he came from Hispanic heavy communities such as South America and South Florida. Thus, when he joined SHPE, he met many students with whom he shared a similar background and future goals in both the engineering field and Latino community. Additionally, he decided to get involved with SHPE to grow the overall awareness of the Hispanic culture on campus, as well as the network between Latino student organizations.


Paloma Cooper (cooper.2337@osu.edu)

From Marysville, Ohio, Paloma is a second year student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She joined SHPE to meet other Latino engineers and to increase her involvement with the Minority Engineering Program (MEP).


Mitzi Fernandez (fernandez.196@osu.edu)

From Toledo, Ohio, Mitzi is a third year student majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Spanish minor. She joined SHPE because of the many opportunities the organization offers.


Pedro Soto (soto.69@osu.edu)

From Columbus, Ohio, Pedro is a fourth year student majoring in Civil Engineering. He joined SHPE because he wanted to interact with other engineering students that are Hispanic and wanted to help younger students discover the different possibilities in the STEM field.

Academic Chair

Natalie Dalea (dalea.2@osu.edu)

From Hudson, Ohio, Natalie is a third year student majoring in Chemical Engineering. She joined SHPE because she felt very overwhelmed with the pressures and micro-aggressions in engineering classes. SHPE provided her a support system to help her stay in her major and a community to help her achieve her dreams and degree.

Sponsorship Chair

Alejandro Nunez (nunez.46@osu.edu)

From Miami, Florida, Alejandro Nunez is a third year student double majoring in Industrial & Systems Engineering and Korean. He joined SHPE to encourage and inspire students of all age groups to learn more about their possibilities in STEM fields. He also wants to make people more aware of the possibilities college can do for younger students and what a club such as SHPE can do for its members and what they can do for the future of Engineering.

Graduate Chair

Alex Avendano (alexavnd@gmail.com)

From Carolina, Puerto Rico, Alex is a Pre-Doctoral student with a major in Mechanical Engineering. He joined SHPE to take advantage of opportunities provided by SHPE and also network with other Hispanics in STEM.

Outreach Chair

Wilson Flores (flores.187@osu.edu)

From North Hollywood, California, Wilson is a third year student majoring in Aeronautical Engineering with a Aviation minor. He joined SHPE to make a difference in the Latino community as well as have a Latino family on campus. Wilson wants to inspire students of all ages to strive for a STEM career path where they can engage their knowledge to build a future for tomorrow that has Hispanics highly valued and influential as leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.