Fall 2017 Week 13 Newsletter

November 13th 2017
Table of Contents
  • Familia Friday: SHPE'sgiving
  • E-board Opportunities
  • Class Recommendation Spreadsheet
  • Weekly Study Tables
  • ACE Tutoring and Competition
  • New GroupMe Chats
  • Become a SHPE Member
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Latino Events
  • SHPE Merch
  • Meme of the Week
  • Quote of the Week

RSVP: go.osu.edu/shpesgiving17
E-Board Opportunities!
Looking for a way to get more involved in SHPE next semester? Well, many members of the e-board will be away on co-ops in Spring semester and are looking for members on campus to help them out. This could also be a great way to try out a position you are interested in for next year's e-board! Below are the available opportunities:

Social Chair: 
  • Partnering with Karen Santos (co-chair)
  • Help set-uping, cleaning and overall flow of social events
  • Planing, budgeting, and facilitating social events
  • Communication and collaboration skills
Academic Chair
  • Collaborating and contacting with MEP organizations
  • Planing and organizing midterm and final study tables
  • Reserving and attending all weekly study tables
  • Managing test bank and distribution 
  • Accounting for all on-campus SHPE-related expenses
  • Writing checks for payments and reimbursements
  • Managing food order for events
  • Monitoring expenses and making necessary budget adjustments
SponsorSHPE Chair
  • CC'd in all company sponsor email threads and possibly responding
  • Primary in-person contact for company sponsors
  • Keeping track of all new sponsorship gifts that SHPE recieves
  • Primary in-person contact for on-campus sponsor meetings (i.e. with MEP and CoE departments)
Fill out this survey if you are interested in any of the above positions.

Class Recommendations

Please take advantage of the SHPE class recommendation spreadsheet below when scheduling classes. These recommendations are made by SHPE members. Please feel free to add to the spreadsheet.
Want to get your grades up? Want to keep your grades up? Want to help SHPE win a free dinner? Come out and study at ACE (Academic Coaching in Engineering) Today is the start of SHPE vs NSBE academic competition! 

How to support?
- List SHPE as your affiliated org in the attendance log
- Attend for at least 30 min,
ACE: 1 point & SI: 1.5 points
- Competition targets 1st and 2nd year students, but it's open to any member
- Students MUST use the spaces for academic work and must NOT disrupt the environment in said spaces
New GroupMe Chats!

The SHPE Executive Board has made a few decisions regarding the General Body GroupMe. In order to better regulate the communication of relevant information, the following changes will be made: 
  • A new GroupMe called LeaderSHPE has been made, in this GroupMe ONLY SHPE Executive Board members may post messages. If a non E-Board member posts a message, they will receive a warning. If they post a second message, this will result in their removal from the LeaderSHPE GroupMe for a week. If a member has an important professional announcement that they want included in the LeaderSHPE GroupMe, they may send the announcement to an E-board member for approval and the E-board member will post the message. The current GroupMe (SHPE@OSU) will be renamed MemberSHPE. Here members may share events and ideas freely given they follow general GroupMe Etiquette.
Members are encouraged to join both GroupMe chats as LeaderSHPE will be where all the important information will be distributed and MemberSHPE will serve as an outlet to communicate with the rest of the SHPE Familia.

Becoming a SHPE Member
To become a National Member:
In order to become a National Member you must pay 10$. Please go shpeconnect.org and make an account. Then press on the tab Renew Membership, select Region 6 Ohio State University and follow the prompts. Please email shpe@osu.edu with the confirmation email once you have paid!

To become a Chapter Member: Pay 5$ on Venmo to @SHPE_OSU with the caption "Ohio State SHPE Membership Fee". Contact Nunez.46 if you have any questions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Harvest Preparatory School
Date: Wedsday Nov 13th 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: 4595 Gender Rd Columbus OH 43110

Sign up: HERE

E-Council: Blood Drive with American Red Cross
**New opportunity! The Engineering Council at OSU offers to pay SHPE for our members volunteering at their events. SHPE will be able to do so much for its members with this income. Please consider volunteering for a shift, you will also earn points for your time! Always email Diana Ulloa.15 if you have signed up for a volunteer opportunity or if you have any questions. 

Date: Monday, November 20th, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM- 6 PM 
Set Up: 9 AM- 10 AM
Registration: 10 AM -5 PM
Cleanup: 5 PM- 6PM
Signup: By emailing Rosenblum.47@osu.edu and Ulloa.15@osu.edu

Latino Events
Salsa Club
Go right from SHPE'sgiving to Bachata lessons with Salsa Club!

Date: Friday, November 17, 2017
Salsa: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM
Bachata: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location: Women's Field House

For more Latino Events on campus click here.

Fill out the MERCH survey HERE

Fill out the SHIRTS survey HERE
Meme of the Week:
Quote of the Week:

      - Nick Fernandez
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