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May 2nd, 2016
  • Good Luck on Finals and Summer Plans
  • MEP Banquet Highlights
  • MentorSHPE
  • Summer Spotlight
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Meme of the Week
  • Quote of the Week
Good Luck on Finals and Summer Plans
Good luck everyone who still has finals, and for everyone else please enjoy your summer! We wish everyone the best in their future endeavors! Thank you for your commitment to SHPE this year, and may the next year be the best ever.
MEP Banquet Highlights
Thank you everyone that went to the MEP Banquet and for all your commitment to MEP. Congratulations to everyone that received an award and to all the graduating seniors. Special recognition to Paloma Copper who received the Emerging Leader Award and Kerwin Sierra who received the Upperclassmen Award.

SHPE is initiating a new program called the MentorSHPE. This will consist of an upperclassmen and an underclassmen partnership! The upperclassmen would advise on academic activities, help with professional development, and get to spend one-on-one time with the underclassmen. If interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee click here and if you have any questions please contact Nick Fernandez.202.
Summer Spotlight
Would you like to be recognized this summer? Do you want people to know of all the wonderful and exciting things you are doing this summer? If so please contact Manuara Costa.82 for more information.
Volunteering Opportunities
Hey guys, these are great volunteering opportunities for everyone to check out. OSU SHPE encourages everyone to get involved and start volunteering. Remember volunteers don't necessarily have the time, they have the heart.
Opportunities coming up soon:

For more information on these opportunities please check out the link below. Also, if you decide to volunteer for an opportunity please let Paloma Cooper (Cooper.2337@osu.edu) know because SHPE might have some incentives for those who volunteer!
Spring Commencement May 8th (2 volunteers needed) contact Sophia Rester.2
Meme of the Week:
Quote of the Week:
"During a test; people look up for inspiration down in desperation and left and right for information "- Unknown
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